Americans Use GPS to Find Wal-Marts

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You probably couldn’t dream up a more stereotypical image of Americans than what GPS provider TeleNav found in its data. The company’s 13 million GPS subscribers used the navigation applications and search functions to find, in order, Wal-Marts, Starbucks, pizza and cheap gas.

TeleNav anonymously collects records of information and search requests sent from mobile devices to computers that answer the questions. This is supposed to help TeleNav figure out how to better serve customers, but in the meantime it gets to find out where its customers are headed most often.

While Wal-Mart and Starbucks were the most popular destinations by far, food became a more regional issue. For instance, in KickingTires’ hometown of Chicago, we apparently have a non-stop jonesing for pizza, while in New York, GPS users are more often looking for Chinese food.

When it comes to cheap gas, Phoenix, San Antonio and Cleveland residents are the most interested in saving every last penny.

Our conclusion based on this data is that there has got to be some European sketch comedy show just having a blast with that report.

Wal-Mart is Top GPS Destination, Says One Report (Wheels)

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