15Blackhawks_Camaro_ES_CAS_1.jpg 2015 Chicago Blackhawks Chevy Camaro | photo by Evan Sears

The past few years we’ve been impressed by just how over the top a Blackhawks-themed Chevrolet Camaro has gotten. Customized by local aftermarket supplier Real Wheels, this year’s edition is actually a study in restraint versus previous takes.

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There is still a wild overhaul of the front end and grill adorned with tiny versions of the NHL team’s logo along with a black version of the Chevy logo. However, inside things are almost subtle. Sure the seats are wrapped in black and red leather that is almost reminiscent in its pattern of sporting equipment, but elements like the shifter are actually standard from the factory.

The wheels too, while clearly not from the factory, lack any additional detail work, and the stripe patterns don’t try to ape hockey sticks.

There are still a few extremely extravagant additions like an illuminated logo in the center armrest shaped like a hockey puck.

Check out all the photos below, and if you want to be invited to take part in every parade your town throws, enter to win the car here.

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