Audi Announces A5, S5 Prices, Availability

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Audi’s all-new A5 and S5 coupes have a price, but they won’t arrive at U.S. dealerships anytime soon. Manual S5s will show up in November, but Audi fans hoping for any other model under the Christmas tree will be a bit bummed out. All A5 models and S5s with the Tiptronic automatic transmission won’t be available until the spring of 2008. That makes their pricing announcement a bitter pill to swallow.

The A5 will start at $39,900 and the S5 will start at $50,900, both with manual transmissions. Destination is another $750, and automatics will cost an additional $1,300. In comparison, the BMW 335i coupe starts at $40,800, but we’ve heard from some buyers that those 335is are hard to find anywhere near that price — or at all. Perhaps Audi is wise to get people in the mode of ordering a new A5 or S5 now.

2007 Geneva Motor Show: Audi S5 Photo Gallery (KickingTires)
2007 Geneva Motor Show: Audi A5 Photo Gallery (KickingTires)

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