Audi H-Tron Quattro Concept: First Look

Audi_h-tron-quattro_concept_OEM_1.jpg Audi h-tron quattro concept | Manufacturer image


Looks like: A hydrogen-powered car that’s been spared wild “Out There” styling

Defining characteristics: A hydrogen fuel cell that powers motors on each axle for all-wheel drive

Ridiculous features: Tablets for the rear-seat passengers to share “media data” with the driver (that’ll go … well?)

Chance of being mass produced: Hard to say, since hydrogen fill-up stations are sparse, at best

Audi looks to a future where its buyers will still want the company’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system, but might not want to be pumping gasoline or (ahem) diesel into their cars. The result? The H-Tron Quattro Concept, an all-wheel-drive crossover powered by a hydrogen fuel cell driving two electric motors.

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Hydrogen-powered cars are nothing really new, as both Honda and Toyota have had them running on U.S. roads in recent times. But while those cars’ styling is rounded and almost jelly-bean shaped, the H-Tron Quattro Concept looks like any number of Audi vehicles on the road today, especially the Allroad Quattro.

But those appearances are deceiving because Audi say it’s designed the car to be aerodynamically efficient. All in all, the H-Tron Quattro Concept is estimated to get about 372.8 miles of range after a four-minute fill-up. Of course, the issue for now at least is finding a hydrogen station to fill the tank in the first place.

If the exterior styling is conventional, the interior is more futuristic with displays pretty much everywhere, including a number of curved screens throughout the cabins and doors. So, if you don’t like the idea of even more “screen time” … perhaps this isn’t the car for you.

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