Audi Q5 Commercials Win Over Oscars

There I was, trying to make it through the Oscars, and low and behold a clever Audi commercial won me over. It was for the new Q5 SUV, which just went on sale. In the commercial, a bunch of kids run out of a schoolhouse to go home and all the cars waiting for them are beige Lexus RX SUVs. Then, up pulls a black Q5. A happy boy jumps in and drives home with his father. The tagline about identity theft is kind of lame, but the concept is great. You can check out the commercial above, and there’s another one featuring a woman who can’t find her SUV in a parking lot below.

The build-a-Q5 feature also just went live on Audi’s consumer webpage. It looks like the Premium Plus trim level is the sweet spot, at $41,500 with cool LED headlights, a standard Panoramic roof and heated seats. The Q5 went on sale last week.

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