Audi R8 Stars in Astronaut-Themed Super Bowl Ad

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CARS.COM — While many automakers’ Super Bowl commercials go for laughs, Audi’s shoots for the moon. In its minutelong TV spot, “Commander,” set to air during the first quarter of the big game on Sunday, Volkswagen’s luxury division draws a parallel between blazing down the road in its R8 supercar and blasting off in a rocket ship to the cosmos.

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In the ad, a well-to-do younger man arrives at the home of an older man (implied to be his father and a former astronaut) to find his dad dispirited and longingly preoccupied with past glories. The son says, “OK, Commander, come with me,” and leads him out to the driveway and hands pop the R8 keys. The Commander envisions a magnificent space-shuttle launch as he hits the R8’s starter button, and rockets off into the night to the sound of David Bowie’s “Starman” with his empathetic co-pilot in the passenger seat and a contended smile on his face.

No one can be melancholy while driving a $190,000 V-10 exotic sports car with a 205-mph top speed. Watch an extended 90-second version of “Commander’ here.

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