Audi Takes on Stop Lights: A Must Read

I apologize, I couldn’t think of a headline that would adequately convey the brilliance of a new test program Audi has just unveiled in Germany. The company — partnered with local government — has equipped almost 50 stoplights with sensors that relay information to specially equipped cars to — wait for it — tell drivers how fast to drive to catch a green light!


The pilot program is being tested in Audi’s home town of Ingolstadt, and the driver alert is just one feature. More significantly, the network of “smart” traffic signals adapts to traffic patterns to deliver optimum light switching. With less stopping, cars use less gas. Less gas used, less pollution, less money spent at the pump, you name it. This is good news all around. Now if we can just get to relocate to Ingolstadt, Germany…

More images below.

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