Best Cars for Black Friday Shopping

A successful Black Friday shopping trip is all in the planning. Bargain hunters study store ads and websites as though they’re cramming for a test, and now they have less time to do so as several major chains — Target, Best Buy, Macy’s and Kohl’s — will open their doors at midnight instead of 4 or 5 a.m. the Friday after Thanksgiving.

There’s one thing that Black Friday shoppers can plan for before the deal-laden store circulars arrive: which car to take.

Black Friday shoppers might think bigger is better — big SUVs, minivans — when it comes to picking a car for hauling all their bargains. They’re not wrong, especially if they’re hoping to bag a gigantic flat-screen TV at a low price. But nimble small cars in busy parking lots shouldn’t be left out of the Black Friday fun. Here are our top picks for Black Friday haulers:

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If you only have a two-seater in the garage, well, there’s always Cyber Monday.

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