Best Luxury Cars 2016


Best Luxury Car

The CLS debuted to "oohs" and "aahs," and the approving sounds haven't died down yet. The sedan that's curved like a coupe still turns heads and still looks like it's going 100 mph while standing still. Inside, it's not different as the CLS is dripping in stuff that's nice to touch and nice to look at. If pure opulence isn't your thing, opt for the sporty AMG version and enjoy the monstrous power of its 577-horsepower V-8.


Best Deal for Luxury Cars

Starting around $33,000, the 228 shows that luxury can mean something more than "expensive." It blends a nice-looking interior with handling that encourages you to speed through every curve you find. It's available as a convertible if you're the sort who prefers the whole "wind in the hair" thing. It's the least expensive car on the list, sure, but it doesn't mean you're sacrificing anything other than dollars.


Recommended Luxury Car

The MDX combines a good ride, decent handling with a quiet interior and room for seven people. Add to that some amenities that are often overlooked (such as a deep center console) and it's a combination that should put it on the must-test-drive list of any luxury buyer who frequently shuttles the family or lots of friends.


Recommended Luxury Car

The A6 proves that luxury buyers shouldn't have to opt for a lot of options or special equipment packages to get what they want. It offers a well-rounded experience even in the basic trim levels. And, like people who have so much money they don't need to flaunt it with fancy jewelry, the A6 offers all its performance in a package that flies under the radar without much flash. Perfect for those who don't need to brag.


Recommended Luxury Car

The A7 is the rare automobile that's fast, unique and loaded with the latest technology. Its bold sedan/hatch styling sets it apart from the sedans and SUVs of the world while making it both unusual and beautiful at the same time. Inside, the material quality is all but unmatched in the luxury segment, with rich wood, leather and metal.


Recommended Luxury Car

This big Buick distinguishes itself from the crowded luxury field with its massive roominess. It's one of the few SUVs going that has a truly usable third row, not something that would be best reserved for children, and smaller-statured ones at that. The exterior styling is distinct and bold enough to ensure it'll stand out in a crowd, so it's not just a humdrum people hauler, either.


Recommended Luxury Car

The CTS is anything but understated with loud, flashy style galore. It backs up the sizzle with a blend of sport and comfort; its striking styling and athletic moves are exciting, and its tailored, luxurious interior coddles you. While it's not cheap, it is still able to undercut many of its German and Japanese rivals, just in case you want money for that last-minute trip to Monaco.


Recommended Luxury Car

You say Porsche should only make small sports cars? Rubbish. The Cayenne is a ferocious beast of a luxury SUV that attacks roads while still cosseting its occupants in opulence. It's surprisingly capable off-road as well, just in case the road to your broker isn't paved with gold … or paved at all.


Recommended Luxury Car

While Volvo has built a reputation for safety, the S60 succeeds because it is a powerful, agile sedan. The light-effort power steering is direct, and the car changes course quickly, plus the turbocharged and supercharged T6 Drive-E's performance is a real kick in the pants. The interior offers good fit and finish, and enough unique touches to belong in (and stand apart from) the luxury field.


Recommended Luxury Car

If your luxury SUV checklist includes an upscale interior, room to haul a family and surprising performance, then the XC60 checks all the boxes. That it manages all that with a luxurious, comfortable ride is a true bonus. Add to all that an exterior that has distinct, contemporary styling front and rear, and you have a solid entry in the luxury class.