BMW Individual Coming to U.S.

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For more than a decade, BMW has been selling highly customized versions of its cars to overseas buyers. The program calls the models “Individual” — fairly self-explanatory, but we’ll give it a shot anyway seeing as the 2007 7 Series, which starts at $75,000, will now be offering the treatment here in the U.S.

Customers get to pick from a palate of paint colors that change appearance depending on the lighting. Inside, the leather is upgraded and even the headliner gets a spiffy Alcantara treatment. There are also unique 20-inch wheels, multiple wood finishes, illuminated doorsills (shown here) and a higher price tag. The Individual package costs an additional $10,000 for the 750i and 750Li and $11,000 for the 760i and 760Li. Oh, and that spiffy paint job costs an extra $3,000.

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