Bob Dylan: Cadillac Spokesman?

We were a bit surprised — but not too surprised — to see three videos hit YouTube today featuring Bob Dylan in a Cadillac Escalade. It seems the rock ‘n‘ roll legend has a new radio show on XM and, to promote it, he’s promoting Cadillacs in the three spots you see here. The one above is a one minute spot, a two-minute version is posted below and a 30-second spot we’d expect to see on TV can be found here.

Bob Dylan has sold his soul for commercials before, most famously for Victoria’s Secret. At least this ad has a tie-in to a radio show. However, we’re a bit shocked that the ad gurus featured him in an Escalade SUV. Not only that, but they have the not-too-gas-friendly Escalade passing a gasoline truck prominently in all three versions. Couldn’t they just have picked a regular semi?

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