Bond's Ride: Aston Martin DBS Debuts


Competes with: Maserati Gran Turismo, Ferrari 599 GTB
Looks like: An Aston
Drivetrain: 510-hp, 6.0-liter V-12 with six-speed manual; rear-wheel drive
Hits dealerships: Early 2008

It’s Friday and we’re dressed casually, tying up everything that needs doing before heading home for the weekend. It’s the time of week where you can afford to spend a few minutes checking out a car as gloriously over-the-top as the all-new Aston Martin DBS.

You might recognize the DBS from the movie “Casino Royale” where a blond Bond staved off a heart attack using a gadget in the glove box. This DBS, however, is no movie prop — this is a production version set to go on sale in early 2008. It hits 62 mph in a scant 4.3 seconds and has a top speed of 191 mph, plus it’s damn sexy.

We don’t have prices yet — they’ll be revealed next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show — but we do have some more images below.

Photo of David Thomas
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