Buick, Cadillac, GMC Incentives Hit 2010 Models

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While Chevy has piled on a lot of deals for its 2010 models, GM’s other brands aren’t necessarily lagging behind.

GMC has a number of cash-back and financing offers, most notably up to $5,000 or zero-percent financing for 72 months on the Sierra. The Yukon and Acadia have $3,000 and $3,300 cash back, respectively, as well as zero-percent financing for 60 months.

Buick is a bit stingier, but it still offers $4,000 in customer cash on the Lucerne and 1.9% APR financing for 60 months on the Enclave.

Finally, Cadillac is offering zero-percent financing for 60 months on the CTS, CTS-V, CTS Sport Wagon, DTS, Escalade and STS.

As always, deals may vary by region, so be sure to talk to your local dealer and check out our incentives page here.

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