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Buick More Popular in China

Buick isn’t what it used to be in the U.S., even with one of the world’s best athletes — Tiger Woods — promoting its new cars. Sales are down 15% this year, and that’s with relatively new products like the Lacrosse and Lucerne in the lineup. News isn’t so bad in China, though. The Chinese revere Buick’s heritage, and sales in that country increased more than 27% in 2006. That’s such a large boost, that Buick will sell more cars this year in China than it does in the U.S.

As for falling U.S. sales, until more products like the Buick Enclave, shown here, make their way to market, we don’t see this trend reversing any time soon for the GM brand. 

[China Could Save a Tarnished GM Brand,]

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