Build Your Own Paper Power Wagon Pickup


It's not every day we find out you can download instructions on how to build your very own classic 4×4 pickup truck from the internet, but that's exactly what we found out from our friends at In fact, with a few clicks of your computer mouse, you can download instructions from the article or you can  to get a free template for this Dodge Power Wagon. We’ve also provided a how-to video below.

For the best results, use a heavier stock of paper and a good color printer for the most realistic end product. Of course, if only the real thing will do, you can always try to find a fully restored classic Power Wagon or invest in a very cool reproduction, but both will be pretty pricey. You can't beat the price on this miniature paper Power Wagon.

We hope to see more of these free or reasonably priced paper model kits. We'll let you know if Ford or GM websites respond with their own F-100 or Chevrolet 3100 paper pickups projects.

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