Cadillac Debuts Video Rearview Mirror in 2016 CT6

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Cadillac announced Thursday that the 2016 CT6, its forthcoming flagship car that signals a brand-wide nameplate change, will offer streaming video of what’s behind you in the center rearview mirror. The video overlays the mirror, but drivers can switch back to the mirror view at the touch of a button. Cadillac estimates it will improve the field of vision by 300 percent, as it removes passengers, head restraints, window pillars and the vehicle’s roofline from your line of sight.

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It reads a lot like Nissan’s Smart Rearview Mirror, but that has yet to reach our shores. And it won’t be the first time an automaker has streamed real-time video of what’s behind you. Tesla and Land Rover have true rearview cameras — not just backup cameras — that do just that.

Like Nissan, Cadillac claims the camera reduces glare and picks up your surroundings even in low-light situations. The display itself is a TFT LCD, or thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display, that measures 1,280 by 240 pixels; it draws video from a rear-mounted high-definition camera lens with a specialized coating to repel water and dirt.

It’s unclear whether the system will be standard or optional on the CT6. Cadillac will need to ensure that the video has similar proportional depth to what you see in a rearview mirror — not the fish-eyed view of conventional backup camera, which emphasizes things near the car at the expense of anything more than a few feet away. A Cadillac spokesman did not respond to our query, but stay tuned for more information once the brand unveils the CT6.

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