CAFE Casualty: Chrysler Axes Imperial Plans


Normally we’d lament the loss of a future rear-wheel-drive, large-engine sedan, but in the case of the Chrysler Imperial we’re not so sad to hear it won’t make it to production. Chrysler is saying that with new federal guidelines demanding much higher fuel economy than we have today, the thirsty Imperial won’t fit into its lineup.

Since the Imperial is one of the ugliest and least-practical Chrysler concepts we’ve seen in a while, we’re definitely not losing any sleep here. The company also says its next-generation RWD platform that underpins the new Dodge Challenger and future Charger and Chrysler 300 is still a go.

A Chrysler executive said it would’ve been “irresponsible” to bring the Imperial to market. Whatever the reason, we think the company is better off.

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