Car Hacks Made Easy


Everyone tweaks their car one way or another. Maybe it’s a pink racing stripe that you think looks totally awesome, or perhaps it’s the Taco Bell chihuahua you still can’t rip off your rear window. No matter what you did to your car, those little adjustments are a big deal.

Yesterday, tech and life blog Lifehacker posted a series of “car hacks” to help make whatever adjustment you’d like on your car just a little bit easier. There are some fantastic ideas, like using a bottle of Purell hand sanitizer to de-ice your locks, or swabbing fingernail polish on your paint to patch up scratches. There are also a few not-so-good ideas; for one, using duct tape to create more space in your car sounds like more unsightliness than it’s worth.

Still, Purell in the locks: In the midst of a freezing winter, that’s one helpful bit of advice.

Lifehacker Top 10: Top DIY Car Hacks (Lifehacker)

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