NEWS Undercover: Texting While Driving Rampant

As an automotive journalist, I rarely get to use hidden cameras or go on undercover stings for stories like you see on “60 Minutes” and other TV news programs. But the trend of texting while driving has reached such a pervasive level over the past few years that I needed to expose just how bad it is on an ordinary commute.

In the video above, I document my morning commute into work on the busy Kennedy Expressway in Chicago. With a few hidden cameras and a lot of blurring of faces by our multimedia team, it’s easy to see not only how prevalent texting truly is but also how much some of these people are concentrating on their smartphones while behind the wheel.

This may seem like my own little crusade because I find myself surrounded by texters while driving every day, but distracted driving is at the forefront of automotive safety discussion among automakers and the federal government.

Let us know if you think texting while driving is a significant problem where you drive or if this is a problem that is being blown out of proportion.

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