Unveils the American-Made Index

It’s that time of year again: has prepared its annual American-Made Index. For those coming late to the party, here’s how we determine the rankings: We use two data points that are required by law to be posted on every new car. One tells consumers the percentage of domestic parts by cost on each car (and by congressional mandate, “domestic” includes parts from Canada, reflecting the long-standing parts industry along our shared border); the other requirement lists the car’s final assembly point.

To make it onto our Index, a car must have at least 75% domestic parts content and be assembled in the U.S. Additionally, we use sales as a weighting factor. Why do we do this? Because the more units of a car that are sold, the more suppliers and autoworkers are employed to build, sell and service that car. In the end, we believe that any car that has a vast majority of domestic parts, assembled by hands in the U.S. and embraced by hundreds of thousands of American consumers is an American-made product.

See which car tops the list this year in likely the most competitive situation we’ve seen.

2012 American-Made Index