Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ford F-150, Ram 1500 Dealer Inventory: Where Are They Now?

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When an inventory shortage related to the COVID-19 pandemic first showed up, it reared its head among pickup trucks, the most popular class of new vehicles sold in the country. But what about now? To help inform you what’s out there, we dug through’s national inventory, which consists of 18,000-plus dealers and millions of new and used listings, to see which trucks are still available, at what price they’re being listed and how quickly they’re moving from dealer lots.   

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The Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500 are the most popular half-ton trucks in’s new inventory, making up over 80% of listed trucks as of August. (Note: Numbers exclude the Ram 1500 Classic and Silverado 1500 Limited, two prior-generation trucks still built and sold new, as well as the high-performance F-150 Raptor and Ram 1500 TRX.) Between new F-150s, Silverado 1500s and Ram 1500s, each nameplate accounted for 31,000 to 37,000 units in August inventory; as you might expect, that’s down compared to 2020. A year ago, dealers had nearly double the number of F-150s compared with the Silverado 1500 or Ram 1500, but Ford has been hit especially hard, giving more parity to the amount of trucks across all three nameplates.

F-150 inventory on is down 64% compared to August 2020, while the Silverado 1500 is down 48% and Ram 1500 is down 37% over the same time period. Still, there are more F-150s than other half tons — and within each truck is an interesting story around what trims are, and aren’t, available.

New Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 | photo by Mike Hanley

In a surprising twist, one trim level on the new Chevrolet 1500 lineup had more inventory in August 2021 versus August 2020: the Custom Trail Boss, which is the 2021 Silverado’s highest off-road trim level. In August 2021, Custom Trail Boss trims saw a 143% increase, to 3,118 listings from 1,286 listings the year prior. Its higher-optioned sibling, the LT Trail Boss, falls in the “not bad” camp, with inventory down just 16% — to 5,668 from the year-ago 6,739.  Remember, that’s versus a 48% inventory decrease for all new Silverado 1500s. 

These Trail Boss trims make up roughly a third of overall Silverado inventory on, so they aren’t niche products by any stretch. But the differences between the variations therein are striking.

The Custom Trail Boss’ year-over-year median list price increased 14%, to $45,668; that’s the highest increase for any Silverado 1500 trim level in August. On the flip side, the LT Trail Boss has the lowest median price increase of 6%, landing at $53,124. Does that mean Trail Boss shoppers should look at the LT, not the Custom? Perhaps, but you might have to act quickly in any case: Trail Boss trims are flying out of dealerships, with a mere 20-day availability on for the Custom Trail Boss before an inferred sale — the shortest span for any new Silverado trim. The trim that sells the second fastest? The LT Trail Boss, at 23 days.

Sandwiched between the LT and LT Trail Boss is the RST, which is least affected in price, inventory and days at dealers versus other trims. It has a modest 10% increase in price, a 44% decrease in inventory and 67% decrease in days at the dealer. Its 6,614 inventory count at dealers was a smidge lower than the LT’s inventory, so they’re in large quantities with minimal change versus other trim levels.

What’s not available? Cheap trucks. Inventory for the Silverado 1500 base trim, WT, decreased 64% year-over-year, with only 1,515 examples listed in August 2021 with a median listing price of $35,019. On the other end of the spectrum are the Silverado 1500 LTZ and High Country, two luxury trims that saw relatively low price changes (8% apiece, year-over-year). LTZ inventory fell 60% in August 2021 to just 1,780 listings — still not as bad as the WT’s decline.

Silverado Changes in Median Listing Price, Inventory: August 2020 Vs. August 2021

Highest price change: Custom Trail Boss, +14% ($45,668)
Lowest price change: LT Trail Boss, +6% ($53,124)

Highest inventory: LT (7,322 listings)
Lowest inventory: High Country (802 listings)

Best inventory change: Custom Trail Boss, +143% (3,118 listings)
Worst inventory change: WT, -64% (1,515 listings)

Hot tip: If you’ve been eyeballing the Custom Trail Boss or LT Trail Boss trims, now’s your time to shine because they’re out there, but act quickly.

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New Ford F-150

ford-f-150-hybrid-supercrew-limited-2021--02-blue--dynamic--exterior--front.jpg 2021 Ford F-150 | photo by Christian Lantry

F-150 inventory is down a staggering 64% year over year, but the silver lining is that it was the only of these three trucks that saw an increase in overall inventory from July to August of 2021, up 13% month over month. The shift came in popular trim levels — the XL, XLT and Lariat — which make up 83% of overall F-150 listings. While that’s promising, this upward trend might be short-lived because Ford reportedly announced in late August that there will be more F-150 production delays. 

The trim level in arguably the worst boat is the most popular XLT, whose year-over-year inventory fell 67%, while its median listing price increased 21%, to $52,998. Both represent serious volatility for any F-150 trim level. 

The trim in the best situation, meanwhile, is the Lariat, which has a median listing price of $63,470; that’s only 15% more than the same time in 2020. There were 5,893 Lariats listed in August 2021, which is down 57%, but it’s a hot ticket, as the average days listed at a dealership is down to 40 days, a 77% decrease versus a year ago.

F-150 Changes in Median Listing Price, Inventory: August 2020 Vs. August 2021

Highest price change: XLT, +21% ($52,998)
Lowest price change: Lariat, +15% ($63,470)

Highest inventory: XLT (15,747 listings)
Lowest inventory: Limited (413 listings)

Best inventory change: Limited, -49% (413 listings)
Worst inventory change: King Ranch, -71% (813 listings)

Hot tip: There are more F-150 XL, XLT and Lariat trims around than in July, but expect to pay more — a lot more — for the XLT versus 2020. The more expensive Lariat trim, however, has the least dramatic price change of any F-150, so it might be more of a relative value.

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2021 Ford F-150 XL
10,053 mi.
$38,394 $585 price drop
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2021 Ford F-150 Lariat
30,949 mi.
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New Ram 1500  

11-ram-1500-limited-crew-cab-2019-angle--black--exterior--front.jpg 2019 Ram 1500 | photo by Christian Lantry

Ram 1500 inventory has changed the least of these three trucks, with only a 37% overall decrease year over year. The hardest-hit Ram 1500s are the work-truck-level Tradesman (down 87%, to just 248 listings) and the Rebel (down 72%, to 1,148 listings). If you’re looking for an off-road half-ton pickup on, it looks like Chevrolet will have you covered with its Trail Boss versions at some seven times the availability. 

But Ram 1500 inventory for popular trim levels, such as the Big Horn (and its Lone Star twin in Texas markets) and Laramie, has been relatively unscathed. The key word there is “relative”: Inventory is down 32% for Big Horn/Lone Star trims and 22% for Laramie trims. Unlike the F-150, pricing isn’t up considerably for Ram’s most popular version, the Big Horn/Lone Star (up 12%, to $46,981) versus the F-150 XLT (up 21%, to $52,998).

1500 Changes in Median Listing Price, Inventory: August 2020 Vs. August 2021

Highest price change: Limited, +16% ($68,666)
Lowest price change: Tradesman, +6% ($39,243)

Highest inventory: Big Horn/Lone Star (20,809 listings)
Lowest inventory: Tradesman (248 listings)

Best inventory change: Laramie, -22% (9,586 listings)
Worst inventory change: Tradesman, -87% (248 listings)

Hot tip: The most popular Ram 1500 Big Horn/Lone Star trim only has a modest pricing increase and inventory change compared with popular trims of the Silverado 1500 and F-150.

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2021 RAM 1500 Limited
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2021 RAM 1500 TRX
27,684 mi.
$76,488 $500 price drop
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