Chevy Increases Equinox Production

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We’ve heard some car shoppers are having a tough time finding a new 2010 Chevrolet Equinox or 2010 GMC Terrain on dealership lots because they’re selling so quickly. General Motors has picked up on this and is amplifying production of these two popular models.
As of March 1, the number of days it would take to sell the Equinox’s current inventory is well below the average of 67 days. The Equinox takes 33 days, and the Terrain takes 29 days. February had lower numbers, though, around 18 to 19 days for both models. The always popular Honda CR-V is at 37 days.
To increase production, a third shift will be added at the Oshawa Assembly Plant in October, employing about 600 additional employees. Adding a third shift takes time for tooling and people to be put in place, a GM spokesman said.
The Equinox and Terrain are currently produced at GM’s CAMI Automotive plant in Ingersoll, Ontario. Under the new plan, more Equinoxes will be produced at the CAMI plant to purposely exceed capacity. The overstocked Equinoxes will then be shipped to GM’s Oshawa Assembly Plant, where the new third shift will finish paint and final assembly.

However, demand is now, and the boost in production will be in October. There’s no telling what the demand will be in about six months.

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