Chevy Silverado Survives The Apocalypse


If you haven't seen it yet (and I know many have already), you'll see the Chevy Silverado Super Bowl commercial pretty early on during the festivities on big-game Sunday.

For what it's worth, we predict it will get the most attention during the Big Game for not being the one that tries to look like last year's Darth Vader Mini-Me or any of the several 30- or 60-second spots using animals doing stupid human tricks.

"The Apocalypse" has the Chevy Silverado busting out of the rubble of a collapsed civilization, surviving the resulting Armageddon-like destruction like a well-protected armored tank. In fact, as the driver and his dog drive throgh the catastrophic landscape, we learn the only survivors at the end of the world look to be both old and new Chevy pickup drivers, leaving Ford guys out of luck.

If this were a boxing match, there is a point in the latter stages of the commercial where Chevy takes a roundhouse swing at Ford and lands it cleanly on the chin. It's one thing to imply a smack-down at your competition; it's something else to directly call them out. It should be interesting to see how Ford responds. 

The spot ends with an implied good news/bad news message: Sure, you made the right truck choice to survive The Apocalypse; unfortunately, it doesn't look like many women made the same choice in pickup trucks you did. 



GM made a pretty big play at the 2012 Super Bowl. Chevy had this high-dollar/high-tech commercial while GMC is the title sponsor for the huge-tent NFL Experience for attending fans in Indianapolis. For more info, click here.  


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