Chrysler Brings Wi-Fi to Cars


You know how sometimes you don’t feel like buying coffee just to get internet access? We’ve got good news: It looks like all you’ll need to do is buy a car. Chrysler recently announced that it plans to be the first automaker to bring wireless internet to its vehicles.

The idea is to make every one of its vehicles a WiFi hub through a connection in the radio that relies on cell phone towers and a monthly subscription fee. Initially the feature will be added through a modification on this year’s models, but Chrysler plans to add the installation to the assembly line process at a later date.

We imagine that at some point Chrysler’s navigation system will also add an internet browser and other features to capitalize on the benefits of having internet access in your car. Until then, the greatest benefit we can think of is that Chrysler owners can now read KickingTires while driving.

Chrysler Cars With In-Car Internet and WiFi This Year; Road Safety Stats Set to Plummet (Gizmodo)

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