Chrysler Extends $2.99 Gas Promotion

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Today, Chrysler announced it would extend its $2.99-gas guarantee promotion through July 31. It also announced a huge 36% loss in sales for the month of June. Ford, GM and Toyota posted losses of 28.1%, 18.5% and 11.5%, respectively. While gas prices have been at the forefront of peoples’ minds as of late — and many dealers report the gas deal does indeed bring people into showrooms — we certainly aren’t seeing a stellar impact on sales for Chrysler.

Only four models saw sales increases last month: the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Caravan minivans, the Jeep Patriot and the Dodge Viper. The new Dodge Journey crossover also had a strong month. It seems people are buying the most efficient or utilitarian vehicles they can find — not including the 79 new Viper owners — regardless of the promotion. Even so, the automaker’s most affordable car, the relatively gas-thrifty Dodge Caliber — 24/29 mpg city/highway — saw sales drop 44%, even with a choice between $1,000 cash back in some areas or a gas savings of more than $1,500 (provided gas stays at $4 per gallon). That would bring the base price under $14,000.

Let us know if the gas deal has prompted you to take a second look at a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep.

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