Chrysler Starts Setup of Fiat's Dealer Network

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As the launch date for the Fiat 500 nears, the Italian brand is preparing for its American reintroduction.

Chrysler and Fiat are intertwined by a government-arranged alliance, so the 500 will show up mainly at Chrysler dealerships. 

According to Chrysler, the 500 will be sold in 41 states at dealerships that are most suited to sell high-end subcompacts. We’re guessing that means New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and other dense/chic neighborhoods will get access to the 500 first. 

Chrysler states that only its most prepared dealerships will be granted access to the Fiat 500, and they will have to set up a completely different showroom for the Fiat brand with a unique sales department. 

Expect the Fiat 500 to show up at select dealerships later this year. A 500 convertible (Cabrio) will go on sale in 2011.

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