Classic Ford Pickups Could Be Strong Investment


If you're looking for a way to convince your spouse that buying a classic pickup truck is a good investment, has come to your rescue. The business publication is reporting that now may be the best time to invest in a vintage Ford pickup.

Classic car auction experts told Bloomberg that the value of classic Ford pickups is likely to rise considerably during the next several years. The reasons? They cost little compared to other classic vehicles, and they're easy to maintain and repair.

Certain years and models such as the Ford F-1 and F-100 are relatively inexpensive to purchase and are poised to start increasing in value. Well-restored models also are climbing in price as they cross the Mecum, Barrett-Jackson and Gooding & Co. auction blocks.

Certain Ford models have risen in value by as much as 30 percent during the last five years, according to the Bloomberg report. And at classic car listing houses such as Hemmings and Hagerty, some good-looking vehicles in need of little restoration can be bought for less than $7,000 if you do the proper research. photo by Mark Williams



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