Connecticut to Force Car Dealers to Display New Cars' Emissions

Starting in 2009, every new car sold in Connecticut will feature another sticker on the window. Next to the rundown of price and mileage will be a display of how much carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions the car churns out. While mileage is well-known, most emission ratings are not.

To fund the new system, Connecticut is adding $5 to the price of every new car registration. The examples used in this column show that a buyer will now know large SUVs like the Ford Expedition produce more C02 than the Escape Hybrid. Well, duh.

Putting a sticker on new cars does nothing to reduce the actual amount of C02 they produce. It may change buying habits, but that’s it. And we’re already seeing mileage and gas prices drastically alter buying habits. For a business that needs to add a few trucks, this new law will not make their vehicles cleaner in any way, but at least it might make the buyer feel bad about the purchase. Maybe that’s just us. Comment below to tell us if you think this is a smart move you’d want for your state.

[Governor Rell Signs “Clean Cars Bill” Into Law, TownTimes]

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