Dads Weigh In on Lincoln MKT's Looks

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“No. I prefer vehicles which DON’T look as if they wallow about in muddy ponds (it looks like a smiling hippo to me).” teufelkindsvater

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I also posted a query on my personal blog and on Facebook. The replies:

“I saw the car today in person for the first time. Beautiful interior and it’s full of cool toys and safety equipment. Having said that, I don’t think the exterior is unattractive, but I just don’t like it.” CarGuyDad

“This car — despite having nearly the same silhouette of our new car (Mazda CX-9) — seems a bit boxy and forced. I don’t love the grille but give them points for size, and the taillight is kind of brutal. Overall, I would say that I would be caught comatose driving this car.” Joe P.

However, my family was much more positive about the MKT. My brother-in-law, who traded in his Land Rover a few years ago for a Buick Enclave, pretty much said sign me up for the MKT (as a replacement for his Buick). My other brother-in-law, a Chrysler Pacifica owner, said, “Honestly, I can’t imagine driving a Lincoln anything. Lincolns are what old people drive.” His wife disagreed, saying that if they were going to spend luxury money on a car she would look at the MKT.

Then there was my father-in-law, who isn’t in the market for a family-hauler. He also liked it, eyeing it as a vehicle that could handle golfing excursions and weekend trips out of town. He is on his fourth Honda Accord — in a row — so his thumbs-up to the radical styling was a bit of a surprise.

My polling isn’t scientific, but it seems that reactions leaned more to the negative on the MKT. I still love the darn thing — baleen grille or not.


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