Dealership Offers Free Cars If Alabama Blanks Texas for BCS Title

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‘Bama fans could have a reason to root extra hard against Texas in the BCS National Championship game. All three Jim Bishop dealerships in the Alabama area known as the Shoals are running the promotion, “If Texas scores zero, you pay zero.”

If Texas fails to score, the dealerships will give away a total of 111 cars by reimbursing all participants every last dime of their money except sales tax. It doesn’t matter how much the purchase price, is either.

According to general manager Don Wood, the dealership bought insurance on the deal and placed a total sales limit at $3 million. About 60% of the customers who’ve bought cars during the promotion said they were there to take advantage of the long-shot deal, Wood said.

Looks like Wood and the rest of the Jim Bishop staff will be wearing Colt McCoy jerseys on Thursday — at least until Texas gets a field goal.

Alabama Dealership Offering to Give Away 111 Cars if Tide Shuts Out Texas in BCS Game (