Demand for Chevy Camaro is High


When it debuted in May, GM sold 5,463 Camaros — well short of the 8,812 Mustangs that Ford pushed off the lot. With a gathering interest in the car, however, those numbers will certainly get closer. Perhaps the Camaro is riding the bump of the new “Transformers” flick, in which it stars as the robot Bumblebee.

Not that the success of the Camaro is going to cure GM of all its ills. While its price tag isn’t bad, starting at $22,245 for the V-6, a Camaro is not going to be mistaken for a utilitarian vehicle anytime soon, even if it does get 29 mpg on the highway.

Still, if you’re GM you have to be happy with the heavy demand, especially considering the fact that hype around the model has been building for years. Now all GM has to do is keep the balance between supply and demand working in its favor.

Chevrolet Races to Meet Demand for 2010 Camaro (USA Today)

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