Department of Energy Launches Alternative Fuel Locator

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For people currently driving ethanol or biodiesel vehicles, this should come in handy with locating the nation’s 2,052 E85 and 659 B20 fuel stations. For earlier adopters of electric and hydrogen vehicles, the locator shows 538 electric charging stations and 56 hydrogen stations nationwide. Owners of the natural-gas-powered Honda Civic GX can choose from 834 stations with the locator. 

The mobile website uses Google Maps to display the fueling stations, contact information and business hours. To search, all you do is enter your current address and the type of alternative fuel. 

You can try the Alternative Fueling Station Locator by clicking here on your smart phone. It works on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Palm operating systems. 

Before making a trip to any station on the locator, you should verify that the location is real, open to the public (the locator shows private locations, too) and has the available fuel you need.

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