Don't Call it a Recall: Toyota to Fix 600,000 Siennas

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We’re not sure how Toyota can send a mailing to owners of Sienna minivans made between 2004 and 2006 to fix faulty front doors and not call it a recall, but that’s what they’re doing. Complaints about the doors malfunctioning — swinging freely instead of stopping at a certain threshold — have circulated on the internet for some time.

Now Toyota is offering to repair any Sienna up to 5 years old that has fewer than 100,000 miles on it. This includes Siennas that were bought used or are past their warranty period. Toyota will also reimburse owners who paid out of pocket to have the doors repaired.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel does a thorough job explaining the problems of real-life owners as well as Toyota’s work to fix the problem. They even interviewed senior editor Joe Wiesenfelder. We’d like to see the problem considered a legitimate recall, and would also stress that Toyota is taking steps to give aid to customers.

Toyota to Cover Defect
(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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