Driver Says Ford F-150 Saved His Life


Andy Callahan says he wouldn’t be alive right now if Ford hadn’t built such a quality and safely designed Ford F-150.

Callahan, 29, a division supervisor for Wright Tree Service, began feeling ill with a stomach bug after a day’s work in Gainesville, Fla., on Sept. 24. While driving his 2010 Ford F-150 on a two-lane state highway, he blacked out at the wheel. Seconds later, Andy collided head-on with an oncoming semi that was hauling limestone.

Paramedics arrived, and Callahan was flown by helicopter to nearby Shands Hospital. He spent six days there, undergoing two surgeries to repair a broken hip and femur, which had shattered into 20 pieces.

Callahan is on his way to a full recovery and continues to thank Ford’s engineers for building a truck that saved his life.

"It has been one month since the accident, and my doctors tell me I will make a full recovery, and I hope to be walking by Christmas, and I only have Ford to thank for that!" Callahan told in an e-mail. The driver of the semi was not seriously hurt, Callahan said.

After looking at pictures from one of the worst accidents I’ve seen, it’s remarkable that Callahan suffered injuries only to his hip and femur, along with a few cuts to his face and stomach. Sure, commercials have made us familiar with the phrase “Subaru Saved My Life,” and most consumers still believe Volvo makes the safest cars, but what about Ford?  With six standard airbags, including a set of side airbags and a unique hydroformed high-strength steel safety cage, Ford’s F-150 may be the safest pickup truck on the road today.


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