Driving Distraction Alert: Nursing a Baby While Driving

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Nationwide Insurance

released a survey that asked drivers what they do in the car that distracts them from the actual act of driving. Along with the disturbing but common habits of applying makeup, reading, text messaging and simply fiddling with the radio, the study brought up a few new ones we’ve never heard before.

Take for example nursing a baby. Wow. The survey doesn’t say how many people answered that they feed a child while on the freeway, but that one is hard to top. Other folks change seats with passengers while driving, write their grocery lists and put in their contacts.

Truly scary, though, is that 5% admitted to driving while intoxicated, and that’s just those who truthfully answered the question. We couldn’t get enough of these statistics, so a few more choice numbers are below.

  • 23% experience road rage
  • 19% fix their hair
  • 19% text message
  • 14% comfort or discipline their children
  • 8% drive with a pet in their lap
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