Eko Stoplight Counts Down Your Wait

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How many times have you been sitting at a stoplight wondering when — if ever — it will turn green? This typically occurs when you’re running late and seem to hit every stoplight just as it turns red for an interminable amount of time, and yes, you’re pretty sure some omnipotent force is making them stay red longer than normal.

If nothing else, the Eko Stoplight can relieve some of this stress. With its circular progress bar counting down the time left before you see green, the Eko gives you an idea of when traffic will move again.

The Eko’s creator claims his stoplight will allow motorists to conserve gas by shutting their engines off while they wait for a green signal, but this seems like an absurd way to conserve fuel.

A Better Understanding of Stoplights (Yanko via Gizmodo)

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