EPA Debuts Fuel Mileage Sticker for Used Cars

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Today the EPA rolled out a new online tool that sellers can use to display a used car’s official EPA mileage. You input the year, make, model, body style, engine size and transmission type into the tool on and it generates the corresponding sticker.

The EPA adjusted fuel standards for new cars in 2007 and retroactively applied them to older vehicles in its database back to 1984. That means if you print out a new sticker with the EPA tool it will show a rating that will likely be lower than the one on the car’s original sticker.

However, if anyone researched the car on they’d find the revised mpg anyway.

Users can download a digital version to upload to an online car listing or print out a version to keep in the car when buyers stop by.

This announcement contained no information regarding regulations for car dealers to use the new stickers on their used-car inventory. An EPA sticker is required on all new cars sold. A used-car lot may be the place these new stickers would be of the most use when comparing various used cars in one location.

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