Exotic Recall: 520 Bentleys Have Bum Wheels

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When we write about recalls, it’s usually as a public service. Because only 520 people worldwide are affected by the recent Bentley recall, we’ll just say this is really intriguing news for those of us who wish we could roll like Gordon Ramsay. The celebrated TV chef owns a Bentley Arnage, a luxury sedan priced near $220,000, which is being recalled because the wrong bolts were used on the wheels.

Since Bentleys are virtually hand-­built, someone must have been having a bad day at the office. Actually, the recall involves 520 Arnages built over the past 18 months, so that bad day stretched out quite a bit. Bentley has already contacted owners, but for just a few minutes we can hold on to the belief that Bentley owners are just like the rest of us, dealing with everyday headaches like recalls.

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