F-250 Is New Leader on Most Stolen List


It seems Ford's F-Series Super Duty is quite popular with thieves as well as with new truck shoppers. According to the Detroit News, the most attractive vehicle for thieves to break into or steal outright is the Ford Super Duty F-250 crew cab with four-wheel drive.

The Highway Loss Data Institute (an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) has been collecting data from insurance companies since 2003, with the most recent report covering 2010-2012. In the last published report (2008-2010), the F-250 finished second behind the Cadillac Escalade (which included the short and long-wheelbase SUV versions as well as the EXT pickup); however, with Cadillac SUV sales down and the EXT model going away, the Escalade fell to sixth position in the latest report.

In order of most stolen, the other 2010-2012 vehicles on the list include the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab, the ChevyAvalanche, the GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab, the Ford F-350 crew cab (four-wheel drive), the Cadillac Escalade (four-wheel drive, three models), the Chevy Suburban 1500, the GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab, the GMC Yukon (two models) and the Chevy Tahoe.

Oddly, the report distinguishes between some four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive models but not others. Why so many pickup trucks on the list? It could be because pickups are used to haul and store valuable property during much of their use, and the HLDI report collects and combines data about property stolen from the vehicle (like the pickup bed) as well as parts or the entire vehicle itself.

Regarding the report, Ford sent us this statement: "Ford vehicles, including F-Series trucks, offer the latest in anti-theft technologies and features to help provide customers with peace-of-mind for the security of their vehicles and belongings. Since the 1990s, Ford has offered a standard Securi-Lock feature that helps prevent vehicles from being started without keys that have specially coded computer transponder chips. Ford continually monitors the performance of its vehicles and is confident locking mechanisms work properly in all vehicles. But, like any lock, thieves can overcome them."

Among some of the least stolen vehicles, according to the report, include the Dodge Journey all-wheel drive, Audi A4, and Toyota Matrix. 

To read the full press release from the HLDI, click here.  



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