Fall Into Limited All-Black Chevy HHR


Chevrolet didn’t win any originality points when it debuted its retro wagon last year. Aping the dimensions and layout of the popular Chrysler PT Cruiser — and designed by the same person — the HHR still seems to be selling well, beating the company’s expectations. Now, Chevy is once again following Chrysler’s lead with a limited edition version of its style-driven wagon.

The Fall Limited Edition HHR is black with an ebony interior and black chrome grille, door handles and 17-inch wheels. No, we’re not sure how they decided on this name. It’s pretty easy to come up with better alternatives, like: HHR Blak. Hey, it worked for Coca-Cola.

Underneath all that blackness is a standard HHR 2LT model with a 149-hp four-cylinder engine, antilock brakes and a premium stereo. Chevy says the Fall Limited Edition is available now for an MSRP of $20,265. The price is equivalent to similarly loaded non-limited edition 2LT models. We’re not sure when the experimentation into retro design will end, but if you were going to buy an all-black HHR anyway, you may as well get this one.


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