Feds Reworking Child Safety Seat Rules


Parents everywhere are probably familiar with the Latch system of securing child safety seats into a car without the use of a seat belt. It seems even though the Latch system does its job, not enough people are using it properly, so the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is going to come up with new regulations by the end of the year to improve child safety in cars. 

We don’t know what the new rules will be because the government is still investigating the problem. Around 5% of children are completely unrestrained in cars, but they account for 30% of child deaths; 40% of children are secured by seat belts, not in child seats. 

NHTSA will look into mandating side-impact crash tests for child seats. This comes after recent news that Consumer Reports ran side-impact tests in an effort to compensate for the fact that NHTSA doesn’t perform such tests. Due to some mistaken methods, however, the tests were faulty.

[NHTSA to update child seat rules, The Detroit News] Guide To Child Safety Seats

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