Fellas: Women Really Do Care About Your Car

I totally knew it.

A survey by UK autoparts company Kwik-Fit found that 75% of women admitted to dating a guy primarily because they liked the car he drove. More shamefully, another 23% owned up to turning down a date because his car was lacking.

What can this tell us about the state of male-female relationships? Aside from the fact that we’re about as advanced as peacocks and their cool tail colors when it comes to attraction, it seems that single men should make a cool car a top priority.

Admittedly, we don’t normally go to autoparts suppliers for our sociological research, but we would also like to point out that the pendulum swings both ways on this: A surprising 40% of men said they judged their partners by the type of car they drive.

Cars.com covered this topic last summer surveying men and women about what they think a car says about their date. Check out the Date Cars: Men and Date Cars: Women videos on YouTube.

Cars Do Make You Attractive to the Opposite Sex (MotorTrader)