First Look at Volvo's C30 Sport Hatch

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When we first saw the C30 concept earlier this year in Detroit it looked near production ready on the rotating stand. One of the worst kept secrets in the room was that this little two-door hatchback would be rolling off an assembly line soon. The rumors proved true. Volvo has just released the first official photos of the production version that we can expect to see in early 2007.

The C30 uses the same platform as the S40 and V50, and that sharing allowed it to be rushed into production so quickly. Even the interior is extremely similar to those models. Expect two engine choices for the U.S.: A turbocharged five-cylinder producing 220 hp will definitely be used in the U.S. but a smaller 100 hp four-cylinder mentioned in the press release may be replaced in the States by the 168 hp powerplant currently used in the base S40. We may be experiencing high gas prices, but a 100 hp Volvo could still have trouble selling here. More photos at the link below.

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