Five Things Missing From the 2017 Super Duty


Sure, the big news at the 2015 State Fair of Texas was the world debut of the 2017 Ford Super Duty, but we still have a few questions. The truck definitely looks better inside and underneath, which are really the only two places a heavy-duty pickup truck needs to improve, but we'd still like to see Ford consider a few more issues between now and the time these trucks hit dealerships (likely not until September or October 2016).

We know equipment like these take time to work their way into a new pickup, but its our guess that if these issues aren't considered pretty quickly Ford could be missing a great opportunity to strengthen its hold on the HD marketplace.


1. No Powertrain Upgrades?

We understand that creating a new aluminum-bodied pickup (and the build processes to support it) is a huge undertaking, but to leave the powertrains untouched except for a new gas-engine F-250 transmission seems risky. We hope there are powertrain advances for the 2018 model year.


2. Why Can't Blind Spot Systems Work On Trailers?

Although it started on the smaller cars, blind spot warning makes the most sense on the largest vehicles, like a one-ton dualie. If you can have the system on a Platinum Super Duty, why can't it be adapted onto a horse trailer so you can get the same effect behind the trailer? After all, it wasn't that long ago when manufacturers told us we couldn't have a camera on our trailer to help make backing up safer.


3. Don't Side Cameras Make Large Mirrors Obsolete?

Large towing mirrors make sense if the only way to see behind you is with reflective imaging. But with Ford's advanced camera technology, why do we need big elephant ears hanging on both doors? The side-mirror cameras are tucked pretty tight to the doors, so why not just have some interior screens showing what's happening on the side of our pickups? We'd probably save a few mpgs without those flat wind screens on either side.


4. Why Not More Bed Innovations?

Offering the same bed changes to the Super Duty that we get in the popular F-150 is a good first step, but Super Duty bed users are different from half-ton bed users. Where's the extra storage space, access solutions or Super Duty-specific BoxLink accessories?


5. Why Isn't There a Smarter Exhaust Brake?

We like the fact that Ford relocated the exhaust brake button to the top of the center stack, but if we're getting a stronger pickup capable of handling heavier loads than the previous Super Duty, we need a more aggressive and smarter exhaust brake that will distinguish between loads, driving styles and maybe even upcoming road inclines. photos by Evan Sears





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