FJ Cruiser TRD Edition Adds Black Roof

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One feature of the Toyota FJ Cruiser that many find cartoonish is its white roof. The just-announced TRD Special Edition — Toyota Racing Development — solves that problem; it features a solid black paint job, including the roof. Only 3,200 of the limited-edition all-black FJs will be sold, at a cost of $7,265 over the manual model and $7,200 over the automatic. The FJ’s base price is $23,090. There better be something more involved than just a different paint job for that price, and there is.

The TRD FJ Cruiser gets upgraded Bilstein off-road shocks. Buyers will also be able to “navigate easier through boulders” due to a locking differential that synchronizes with the traction control. There’s also limited-edition 16-inch wheels, tires, exhaust, rock rails and a customized interior with lots of TRD badges.

The TRD Special Edition FJ Cruiser will go on sale in November.

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