Ford F-450 Saves the Environment

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Our friend Mike Levine over at has penned one of the best stories we’ve ever seen on how and why large pickups like the Ford F-450 exist and who uses them for what. We’d guess most owners aren’t helping out wildlife conservatories every day, but it’s interesting to see that when an environmental group needed help, it also needed a truck this big with its capabilities. 

Levine used the F-450’s 5,720-pound payload rating to haul two cubic yards — or 4,500 pounds — of donated topsoil 40 miles. No half-ton or three-quarter-ton trucks could handle that task.

The story illustrates one of those points we routinely try to make to people who think there’s no need for vehicles like this to exist. Those folks genuinely believe these are being used for commuting, but there are many legitimate uses for such trucks. Heck, even if every home built was completely green, builders would need something to get the supplies to the site.

Nature’s New Friend Road Test: 2008 Ford F-450 Super Duty (PickupTruck.Com)

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