Ford F-650 and F-750 Get Updates for 2018


Ford's medium-duty work trucks will get a solid update for model-year 2018, adding standard equipment and a few optional features for increased practicality and safety to the F-650 and F-750 brutes.

On the safety side, electronic stability control and traction control brakes are now standard on most models of the F-650 and F-750, but will be optional on straight-frame turbo-diesel F-750s. Also new is an available 240-amp alternator with the 6.8-liter V-10 gas engine, which is particularly well-suited for trucks with high electrical demands.

Ford also will offer a new automatic regeneration inhibitor on 2018 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel models. That technology allows the driver to postpone the high-temp incineration cycle that burns off the trapped soot in the exhaust system until the truck reaches a preferred destination. Other improvements include moving the engine oil dipstick on diesel models so it's now accessible from the ground. For gasoline models, the transmission fluid dipstick has been moved for the same reason. The final update for 2018 is an optional 3-inch front full-width bumper extension, which pushes the front bumper out in front of the grille/hood. This can help reduce repair expenses in minor front accidents.

Ordering for the updated F-650 and F-750 will begin in the summer with new models arriving into dealerships in fall.

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