Ford Issues Stop Sale on Fast-Selling 2015 Edge

15_Ford_Edge.jpg 2015 Ford Edge; | Manufacturer image

Ford has issued a stop-sale order on model-year 2015 Ford Edge SUVs manufactured before April 28, 2015, due to a possible water-leakage problem, a spokeswoman for the automaker confirmed. About 19,000 of the potentially affected vehicles have already been sold to customers.

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“Our dealers have been notified that in some 2015 Ford Edge models there is the possibility of water entering the cabin,” Ford stated in an email to “A customer service action has been put into place to address the situation, which is an issue in certain vehicles built prior to April 28. Owners of affected vehicles have been notified.”

The water leakage could occur through a joint in the A-pillar and enter the vehicle cabin, Ford stated. In addition to fixing the problem in vehicles already in the hands of owners, dealers will repair unsold vehicles before sale. Vehicles manufactured after April 28 are not affected.

Consumer Reports first reported the problem in its own 2015 Edge test car after discovering wet carpet in a peculiar spot in the vehicle. An unnoticed leak could lead to mold, mildew and electrical problems, Consumer Reports stated. Vehicles found by dealers to be without the leak will get a urethane sealer in the A-pillar seams, while those with the leak will be subject to a three-day inspection and repair process.

The stop sale comes hot on the heels of a sales surge for the 2015 Edge. The redesigned SUV saw a 30 percent spike in sales in June compared with June 2014. The Edge sold 12,587 units, with dealers turning them over in just 15 days on average, Ford reported earlier this month.

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