Ford Not Publishing Employee F-150 Pricing, Forcing Dealer Visits


Earlier this week, Ford announced that it would apply employee pricing to the outgoing 2008 F-Series line of trucks. At the time, they hadn’t announced how much people could save with the deal. Sometimes when a promotion is implemented this quickly, it takes a few days to update websites, etc. However, Ford has confirmed it is not going to be releasing the employee pricing deals at all and that truck shoppers will have to visit their dealer to find out how much they could save. When employee pricing was first used in the summer of 20062005, those adjusted prices were published.

The only numbers posted on Ford’s website is that the starting price of an F-150 will be $16,274 with the employee deal instead of the MSRP of $17,700. That’s a savings of $1,426. In the small print they detail the truck shown, a 2008 F-150 XLT, and list its employee price as $21,061. The XLT starts at $23,910. The savings would be $2,849. In past employee deals, savings also tended to rise with the price of the vehicle.

As we know all too well at, car shoppers tend to research their car purchases online before they go into a dealer. We think Ford’s decision ton hold back the pricing info may stunt the sale’s effectiveness. What do you think?

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