Ford Offers Seamless Sliding Window in 2015 F-150


Under the heading "every detail counts," Ford is revealing another segment-first feature on the 2015 Ford F-150: an optional two-piece seamless sliding rear window. Many F-150 competitors offer a sliding rear window; however, they are usually three-piece units and don't allow for a defrost option on all three pieces.

The new seamless slider, from supplier Magna International, is the first of its kind to employ a two-piece system that uses fewer moving parts, allows for a complete defrost feature and saves the truck weight.

The new option essentially offers a large piece of rear glass with a cutout opening in the middle that allows for a weather-sealed piece of glass on the interior of the truck to slide open and closed. It's controlled by a roof-mounted switch. The new setup will allow for better pass-through ventilation but does not offer as much opening space as the three-piece drop-down slider in the Nissan Titan or the fully droppable rear window option in the Toyota Tundra.

Pricing has yet to be released. To read the full press release, .

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